13 Miles Is How Many Km

13 Miles Is How Many Km – Miles and kilometers (km) are the units of length commonly used to measure long travel distances. km is an SI unit defined as 1000 meters. A mile is an English unit set at 5,280 feet.

The mile to meter conversion factor is set at 1 mile = 1609.344 meters. Since there are 1000 meters in a kilometer, we can set a conversion factor

13 Miles Is How Many Km

13 Miles Is How Many Km

These two sample problems show you how to use this conversion factor to convert miles to kilometers and to convert kilometers to miles.

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Question: The normal inter-city speed on an interstate in the United States is 75 miles per hour (mph). What is this speed in km/h or km/h?

Solution: 75mph means you go 75mph. Use the conversion factor to find out how many kilometers are equal to 75 miles.

Be sure to include your chosen unit in the numerator of the conversion factor. In this case, we need kilometers.

Converting miles and kilometers is easy as long as you remember the conversion rate. A quick way to check your work is to remember that when you’re done, you should have a larger number for measuring kilometers than for measuring miles.

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