112 Inches Is How Many Feet

112 Inches Is How Many Feet – Never run out of medium quilt fabric! We are here to show you how to calculate the amount of fabric you need. We’ve put together a simple guide on how to calculate fabric for quilts, including a table of standard quilt sizes and inch to centimeter conversion charts.

When buying fabric, how do you know how much to get so that there are enough leftovers, but not too much? Most projects include advice on how much fabric you’ll need for different parts of your quilt, but if you want to create your own design, calculating how much fabric to buy can be daunting. But don’t worry! We’ve teamed up with Beginner’s Guide to Quilting to bring you this handy guide to help you plan your project.

112 Inches Is How Many Feet

112 Inches Is How Many Feet

Before you buy anything, sketch out the design of your project. Below is a list of common UK and US quilt sizes to get you started, but you can come up with any size – depending on your design, you may want to add extra padding to the edges of the standard size.

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If you are making a bedspread, measure the length, width and height of your mattress and add as much extra fabric as you want to allow the blanket to hang below the edges. Or you can always just measure your existing bedspread and use that as a guide to your finished size!

Beginner’s Guide to Quilting This article is an excerpt from the Beginner’s Guide to Quilting, now out and featuring 49 projects, tutorials and patterns for new quilters or anyone looking to brush up on their skills.

If you are not making a bed divider, you are free to choose your own play mat, wall hanging or other size. You only need to specify its length, width and border circumference.

Common Quilt Size Chart – Use these standard UK and US measurements to help you plan your quilt.

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* Check the bed you are making before you buy. Remember the quilting saying, “measure twice, cut once! How much fabric do you need for a quilt?

Once you have an idea of ​​the measurements of your finished quilt, you can figure out how much fabric you will need. You will need one or more pieces of fabric to make the back, as well as the quilt top fabric and binding fabric to go around the edges.

Always buy slightly larger pieces of fabric than the pattern calls for. Cotton and lapel fabric will shrink in the wash, so it’s a good idea to multiply the quilt measurements by 1.05 to allow for 5% shrinkage.

112 Inches Is How Many Feet

It is also worth leaving some extra fabric for sewing supplies. The more complex your design, the more accessories you will need. If you are working with many blocks made of small pieces of fabric, you need to account for the stitches of each piece.

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To find out how much fabric you need for a quilt top, draw a sketch of your quilt top design and enter the measurements of the different parts. Start with the border and outer seam allowance, then subtract that from the width of the quilt and you’ll know how wide the area you want to fill with blocks or shapes is. It’s probably easier to make your blocks or shapes in a standard size that’s easy to work out, and then adjust the border strips so that the smaller units fill the width of the quilt.

For blankets, plain calico is a popular choice and is often the cheapest option. Or choose a neutral cotton fabric that complements the colors of your quilt face. If you want something more vibrant or have the option of a reversible quilt, choose a denser print.

You can find most fabrics at your local mill in 42″ to 44″ wide bolts. If you are making a bed quilt, you will need to join more than one piece of fabric to make the final base piece. To avoid this, you can buy extra wide base fabric in 60″, 90″, 108″, and 116″ widths, but it’s worth noting that their color and print options are usually more limited.

As a general rule, your backing fabric should be at least 2 inches larger than the size of your quilt top. This allows the fabric to shrink (pull in a little) when you’re done with the quilting part (the step where you sew through the layers).

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If you’d rather have someone else do the hard work, there are seamstresses who offer a hands-on quilting service, which means you send them all the parts of your quilt and they assemble and sew the quilt together. . with a decorative design. If you choose this option, your support strap must be 4 inches longer than the top of the blanket. Prepare the backing fabric by trimming and pressing the edges. Use 42 inches of fabric If your quilt is 42 inches or less on one side, you only need one length of strap.

For a 36″ by 50″ quilt top, you’ll need 1½ yards (54 inches) of 42″ fabric, leaving a few extra inches around each edge.

If your quilt is larger than 42 inches, such as 59 x 80 inches, you will need 3½ yards of fabric 42 inches wide.

112 Inches Is How Many Feet

Cut the yard in half and then join the long edges again using a slightly larger than usual seam. Joined this way, they make a piece 63 inches wide by 84 inches long (slightly less for the seam allowance). This is enough for the length of the blanket. Press the seam open to make the base flat.

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Using 90″ wide fabric If you buy a 90″ wide backing fabric, you won’t need binding to make a 59″ x 80″ quilt because the backing fabric is wide enough for the length of the quilt (80 inches).

As a result, you only need to buy 59 inches of length, plus a few extra inches from the edge of the quilt, such as 1¾ yards (63 inches).

Shopping for fabric for a quilt and not sure where to start? Show us how to shop with confidence!

The measurements that fabric is sold by can be a bit confusing when you first get to the store. Fat quarters, jelly rolls, ghosts … it’s a strange way to talk about the length of the subject. However, they are very useful names because you can be sure to get very specific size squares or strips of fabric that are specifically designed for quilting.

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When you buy fabric by the roll (or “bolt”), you usually buy it by the yard (36 inches / 91 cm) or meter (100 cm / 39 inches).

It’s not just the length of the fabric you’re buying – the width depends on the width of the roll, which can be a yard wide, but often 44 inches (112.5 cm) wide, or sometimes a bit longer.

Check the end of the cardboard tube that the fabric is wrapped around, or ask the store to measure it for you so you can be sure of how much you’re buying. If you want the convenience and variety of pre-cut patchwork, or if you don’t need an entire yard of a particular fabric, you can also buy pre-cut pieces. Check out our guide to the most popular fabric sizes below.

112 Inches Is How Many Feet

Turnouts are 6″ triangles that sew together to form 5×5″ squares, so they’re easy to use with creams.

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A quarter yard of fabric made by cutting half a yard in half lengthwise to make a piece measuring 18×22 inches. This means you can cut larger pieces than a regular (or “long”) quarter.

A quarter yard of fabric cut from the end of the bolt so it measures 9×44 inches.

A bundle of 20 to 40 fabric strips, each 2½ x 44 inches. Jelly rolls were first made by the fabric company Moda, but similar rolls are made by other companies with names like

Like a thin jelly roll, honey buns are a bundle of strips 1½ inches wide and 44 inches long.

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Also known as a “fat roll,” this is a bundle of 20 pre-cut fabric strips that are 5 inches wide and as long as the width of the fabric bolt (usually 44 inches).

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